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AmericanDiabetes.com provides low cost diabetic supplies to diabetics though AmericanDiabeteSupplies.com. As the nation's leading Diabetic Supply Company serving diabetic patients for over 14 years, we are a committed to providing products and solutions that make living with diabetes easier. Also, because we were once a Medicare provider and worked with most major medical insurance plans, we created a page on our site designed to inform Medicare patients on the companies that can continue to service their needs. CLICK HERE to find a Medicare Approved Provider of Diabetic Testing Supplies.

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Benefits of buying from AmericanDiabeteSupplies.com

Because of our long and successful standing in the diabetic community, supply and testing manufacturers have come to us specifically and asked up to promote their products. Well, as you know… there are a lot of options when it comes to supplies to he made a few demands ourselves. The products we carry must meet the highest standards (we don’t sell junk) and preform to the maximum benefit of our customers (You).

Also, we must be able to meet or beat any competitive price… and that is our promise to you. See it less somewhere else? Call us and we will match the price you found on competitor sites. So what’s the catch? Well, as you know… there are a lot of secondary market sellers out there. That means that they buy overstock from distributors and sometimes manufacturers that need to make their numbers. As a result, they offer products way below what we pay. For that reason, sure, we can meet prices from legitimate resellers… but not from “fly-by-night” seller who set up a website for a week, sell all they have, then close the site down (yes, we know but it happens everyday).

AmericanDiabeteSupplies.com offers many benefits to online shoppers of diabetic testing supplies. Here are just some of the benefits you get from using AmericanDiabeteSupplies.com:
  • Free delivery of diabetic supplies over $100
  • No waiting in lines at Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, etc.
  • All products delivered to your door in unmarked discrete boxes
  • No hassle returns (see

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AmericanDiabetes.com is proud to offer diabetes education and resources, including information about diagnosing diabetes, tips on using glucose meters and testing supplies, alternative painless testing, and new technology that helps diabetics manage their diabetes. Additionally, we offer informative articles about living with diabetes, including the signs, symptoms and complications of diabetes, diabetes nutrition and fitness, free diabetic recipes, diabetic testing supplies,  expert diabetes advice and the latest diabetes news.

At AmericanDiabetes.com, your complete satisfaction is our goal by providing you exceptional caring service and quality diabetic supplies. Click here to find out how AmericanDiabetes.com can help you manage your diabetes.